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Re: PDF-request: Original description of Lagosuchus and/or Marasuchus

 What three to five genera preceded Marasuchus in the lineage of the

From youngest to oldest: the MRCA of *Marasuchus* and (Silesauridae + Dinosauria); the MRCA of that + Lagerpetontidae; the MRCA of that + Pterosauromorpha (well, or not); the MRCA of that + Crurotarsi; the MRCA of that + Proterochampsidae or something.

Not being a direct ancestor of Dinosauria (judging from its autapomorphies and, given the Tanzanian silesaurid, probably its age), *Marasuchus* is not itself in the lineage of the Dinosauria.

 Testing indicates Turfanosuchus and Trialestes are in there for

Tell us that when your manuscript has been accepted.

 Proterochampsidae and Parasuchia often show up on lists, but with
 dorsal nares, etc. etc. etc., those don't make sense.

Science isn't about what makes sense. Science is about what is most parsimonious.