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Re: Cómo se dice therapod y synapsid en español?

Knowing little about the actual Latin pronunciation, I tend to suppose
that at least for the vowels it was like Spanish and Italian, which
are not very related Latin derivatives, and, as far as I know, have a
similar vowel pronunciation.
"A" and "E" as in Mandela, "I" as in Jim, "O" as in Tom, and "U" as
"OO" in Boom.

And pronunciation and writing of the words you ask is the same in
Spain and Latin America. ThÃropodes is French.

El dÃa 15 de abril de 2010 19:46, Raptorial Talon
<raptorialtalon@gmail.com> escribiÃ:
>> No, Raptorial.
>> It's like David said:
>> Es como dijo David:
> I gathered that when I read his post.
> I was going by a memory of phonetic pronunciation, hence my
> recommending that one check a site where it would be correct.
> I do have to wonder if speakers of other languages have arguments
> about the correct (i.e. etymological) pronunciation of Latinate terms
> as we English-speakers do. Obviously there's no real standard between
> languages . . . which I suppose is an argument against having them
> within a language.