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Re: Cómo se dice therapod y synapsid en español?

Quoting Raptorial Talon <raptorialtalon@gmail.com>:

"I recall from studying Latin for ten minutes back in the 80s that
there had been a movement to reform Latin translation back in the 30s,
removing soft "g"s and "c"s, and so on. I was taught this, so that I
annoy every biologist I speak to."

I can appreciate the frustration all around . . .

What's the deal with (ancient) Greek g's? How the hell is "Gigantes"
really supposed to be pronounced, and what's the governing rule?

Ancient Greek? "Hard" g's (gammas) all around. Pronounced exactly as if the letters were IPA symbols, with the stress on the first syllable: ['gi.gan.tes].

Nicholas J. Pharris