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Re: Cómo se dice ther[o]pod y synapsid en español?

 Earlier you stated that English has only a few ways to pronounce such
 a word.

No, I meant German. English almost always has more, because the spelling rules are much more complicated and only apply "over 85 % of the time" ( http://www.zompist.com/spell.html ) in the first place.

 (our former President was fond of using a three-syllable "nuclear"
 that is fairly common in the southern and central states).

I've read that Pentagon insiders recognize each other by the pronunciation "nookular". Some speculate it might come from an interpretation as "new killer".

 While this may demonstrate a certain level of ignorance of the
 language they are speaking from one point of view, it demonstrates an
 inherent flexibility in the language that is also useful in
 incorporating foreign words into itself, and altering some of its own
 rules by so doing fairly easily (not so languages with enforced
 linguishing and pronounciation structure).  Note that no language
 evolves or produces dialects from enforced use of
 linguistic/pronounciation rules.

Er, absolutely, but you're engaging in a lot of topic drift here... :-)