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Re: Cómo se dice therapod y synapsid en español?

Quoting John Wilkins <john.s.wilkins@gmail.com>:

I recall from studying Latin for ten minutes back in the 80s that there had been a movement to reform Latin translation back in the 30s, removing soft "g"s and "c"s, and so on. I was taught this, so that I annoy every biologist I speak to.

Depends on the context. If you're reading Caesar or Ovid, hard c's and g's are absolutely appropriate (differentiating long and short vowels would be nice, too, but that's a whole other kettle of fish). If you're singing, Italian Latin pronunciation is standard, though the group I sing with is currently doing Mozart's Requiem and Missa Brevis in F using German Latin pronunciation. If you're at a paleontology conference, muddling through in Englishoid Latin is fine.

Nicholas J. Pharris