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?Lambeosaurus laticaudus mass

(I tried sending this before, and it didn't seem to work. But if you've already 
seen this, disregard it...)

I've seen the number 23 tonnes thrown around for ?L. laticaudus, and it seems 
to come from the Sept 1972 Journal of Paleontology paper "A Giant Hadrosaurian 
Dinosaur from Baja California" by William J. Morris (actually preceding its 
naming).  That paper says "Based on the computation by Colbert (1962) of about 
4 metric tons for Corythosaurus sp., LACM 26757 would have weighed close to 23 
metric tons." Is that 4-tonne Corythosaurus estimate still taken seriously? 
Because if you accept Gregory Paul's estimate of 2430 kg for Lambeosaurus 
lambei (ROM 1218) a straightforward extrapolation puts LACM 26757 as a little 
under 12 tonnes, barely half of Morris' estimate.

So is a 23-tonne ?Lambeosaurus laticaudus still taken seriously? Has anything 
been published on the species since Morris' work?