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Re: A new T. rex â of leeches

Raymond Ancog <rayancog@pldtdsl.net> wrote:

> I won't be surprised if in the future
> other "tyrant whatever kings" will be named by sticking the
> appropriate suffic after "Tyranno", like Tyrannotherium rex,
> Tyrannosuchus rex, Tyrannornis rex etc. Or have they
> already? Oh wait, the Fox News article says it's been done
> already.

There's also _Tyrannotitan_, a carcharodontosaurid theropod.  Thankfully, the 
species name is not _rex_, but _chubutensis_.  I think one _T. rex_ in the 
vertebrate world is enough.

_Tyrannotitan_ was named by Novas, de Valai, Vickers-Rich and Rich in 2005 - 
exactly 100 years after _Tyrannosaurus_ was named by Osborn.