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Re: Cómo se dice nucleary synapsid e

"I suggest you never watch the BBC, CNN, Xinghua, or any other news
outlet/news channel where people speak with an accent.   (though isn't
paleontology exactly the wrong profession for you?  after all, lots of
people say the fossils' names differently)"

Yippee-ki-ay. I'm referring to standard American English, which does
exist and which is in common use on all major spoken-media outlets.
Universal? No, but pretty much the baseline there. I can only speak to
American English in a meaningful way.

And if you look at other parts of this broader conversation, you'll
see I make no attempt to claim any one pronunciation of a scientific
name is correct. This whole tangent has been perpetuated because no
one, explicitly anyway, seems to get that it would be silly for
reasonably learned and dignified men in the Pentagon to think that
"newkiller" is somehow remotely sensible as a slang (yes, slang)
anti-euphemism relative to the standard pronuncation. I wouldn't put
it past them, exactly, but I wouldn't find it believable it until I
saw some solid evidence of it.

"it is NOT slang.  I keep saying that this is how it sounds to my ear."

How *what* sounds to your ear? "Newkiller?" Where are you from that
that's how the word is said in your region? The stresses required to
convey that sensibly in American English would immediately distance it
from and natural connection to "nuclear."

If you mean "rifle," I've heard the southern/western "rah-ful," but
Ry'leh? What? I've always heard that word pronounced with the accent
on the second syllable, so "ryeFULL" sounds pretty silly to me. And
even if that's not your intent, "Ry'leh" doesn't have the same sounds
as "rifle," so I suppose I can't say what you're getting at.