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RE: Cómo se dice nucleary synapsid e

> Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 04:03:16 -0500
> From: raptorialtalon@gmail.com
> To: keenir@hotmail.com
> CC: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: Cómo se dice nucleary synapsid e
> "I suggest you never watch the BBC, CNN, Xinghua, or any other news
> outlet/news channel where people speak with an accent. (though isn't
> paleontology exactly the wrong profession for you? after all, lots of
> people say the fossils' names differently)"
> Yippee-ki-ay. I'm referring to standard American English,
 again, full of accents.
> And if you look at other parts of this broader conversation, you'll
> see I make no attempt to claim any one pronunciation of a scientific
> name is correct.
strange; every time I've said {in this discussion} that not everyone pronounces 
things the same way, you laugh at such people.
> This whole tangent has been perpetuated because no
> one, explicitly anyway, seems to get that it would be silly for
> reasonably learned and dignified men in the Pentagon to think that
> "newkiller" is somehow remotely sensible as a slang 
nowhere in this discussion did I say it was slang.
> "it is NOT slang. I keep saying that this is how it sounds to my ear."
> How *what* sounds to your ear? "Newkiller?"
  once again, NO.  how the comment, _to which i replied_ sounded.  I had 
intended it as humorous, but then you attacked it.
> If you mean "rifle," I've heard the southern/western "rah-ful," but
> Ry'leh? What? I've always heard that word pronounced with the accent
> on the second syllable, so "ryeFULL" sounds pretty silly to me.
 no, RYEfull
> And
> even if that's not your intent, "Ry'leh" doesn't have the same sounds
> as "rifle," 
R-long I-L-E
sort of like how "bottle" is pronounced without "t" by some folks.
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