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Re: Were dinosaur ecosystems continent-sized? (resend)

If you check the datasets (sd01.xls), you'll find that faunas from Utah, New 
Mexico, and Texas are included. However, a number of taxa have erroneous 
stratigraphic data. I doubt this would change the outcome of the study, since, 
if anything, removal of incorrect data reduces disparity between northern and 
southern faunas.

Denver Fowler

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Subject: Were dinosaur ecosystems continent-sized? (resend)

Resent, this time in plain text... :-)

According to this analysis, yes:



A couple of problems right off the top:

1. No faunas from Utah, New Mexico or Texas are included in the dataset. 
2. The upper Maastrichtian Scollard fauna is not included, but the lower-middle 
Maastrichtian Horseshoe Canyon fauna is...
It's an interesting coincidence in time this appears a few days after the 
publication of a new pachycephalosaur (_Texacephale_), where the authors 
suggest exactly the opposite scenario: 

Guy Leahy