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RE: Were dinosaur ecosystems continent-sized? (resend)

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> Hmm, I had thought that the lumping of _Anatotitan_ with 
> _Edmontosaurus_ was fairly accepted; am I out of date? Has 
> that changed again?

Yes, kind of.

On-going work by Nick Campione and others shows the Campanian form
(Edmontosaurus regalis) is morphologically distinct from the late
Maastrichtian form(s), which may represent two closely-related species
(Anatosaurus annectens and Anatotitan copei), or just one (of which
annectens has priority).

Taxonomically, one could use a single genus for the whole shebang; or one
could use Anatosaurus for the Lancian ones, or (if copei is deemed
sufficiently distinct to be considered a separate species) you could have
Edmontosaurus, Anatosaurus, and Anatotitan all.

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> From: "GUY LEAHY" <xrciseguy@q.com>
> Now that I have read the data set... :-)
> There's one more possible error... _Albertosaurus_ listed 
> from the Scollard.  

Definite error.

> The list also suffers a bit from the usual lumper-splitter 
> arguments; _Nanotyrannus_ is listed separately from 
> _Tyrannosaurus_, while _Anatotitan_ is lumped with _Edmontosaurus_.

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