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Re: Diagnosis of Polyptychodon

In a recent description of a gigantic pliosaur from the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Sea, Bruce Schumacher reviewed the status of the *Polyptychodon*. It was considered as dubious by Welles (1962) in his review of Cretaceous plesiosaurs, and Schumacher (2008) agreed with this statement because *Polyptychodon continuus* (type species of the genus) was erected on an isolated and undiagnostic pliosaurid tooth by Owen (1861). The status and taxonomic position of other European *Polyptychodon* need to be reevaluated.

I can send you the pdf, if you need it.

Reference (and references herein):

Schumacher B.A. 2008. On the skull of a pliosaur (Plesiosauria; Pliosauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous (Early Turonian) of the North American Western Interior. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 111(3 & 4):203-218.

Jocelyn Falconnet

Michael Lange a écrit :
Dear list,

I'am looking for a diagnosis of the pliosaurid plesiosaur Polyptychodon. Does 
anyone know if there is a recent paper or phD thesis where a diagnosis of the 
genus is included?