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Re: Acrobat Reader

I've been finding that alot of academic pdf files won't open in the latest version of Adobe Reader, whatever that is - it says it's version 9. It claims they're corrupt. Problem happens only slightly less often since I upgraded to the new version.

When I had a trial version of Nitro's pdf software I never had this problem, and it was also easier to navigate.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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On 28/04/2010 08:18, Graeme Worth wrote:
A couple of comments on the Reader thread.
Yes, it is possible to choose the level of a created PDF, but many people just use the default. Until quite recently, I never had a problem opening PDFs with Acrobat 5 (just the message warnignof possible loss of features). These days I often come across PDFs that Acrobat 5 reckons are broken and unreadable, so I suspect the culprit is probably Acrobat 9 (possibly also 8). I have yet to find a "broken" PDF that Foxit Reader has a problem with, so I would endorse a previous recommendation to use this, as it is also faster and less bloated than current versions of Acrobat Reader.