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Re: Tianyu Museum of Nature's "world record" dinosaur collection


Well, I was there in May. Xu Xing is helping them with getting rid of , well, let's say "the specimens in which the preparators overdid a bit". A huge job to do. The specimens mentioned make up only for a comparatively small part of the entire collection. However, there are quite a few weird specimens left. IIRC Xu said he's very much concentrating on the dinosaur specimens. I saw only a few "weirdos" in the two halls in which those are on display. Anyway, it's a great place to be. I whished I had more time to spent there than the two days that I had. My personal impression was "overwhelming" still doesnt describe it correctly!


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The story reports 391 dromaeosaur skeletons and 255 Anchiornis skeletons in the Tianyu Museum, all almost complete. I had no idea so many existed! Has anyone on the list seen this stuff yet? Has it all been authenticated?