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Re: real or fake skeletons (was re Tianyu Museum of Nature's "world record" dinosaur collection)

this has, by your unfortunate action, become a list matter. Thus, I
will not reply to your emails anymore after this, except on-list.

YOUR country only matters if it is China. Other countries do not
matter to the discussion, because IN CHINA, one should adhere to
Chinese customs. And these, I was told by many people both Chinese and
Western, mean not flaunting one's (possibly correct, possibly false)

As I said: if asked for an honest opinion, I will tell. But I was not
asked to speak my mind in most places. Thus, I shut my yap, because I
was not able to help without being impolite. Should make you happy.

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:
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>> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:34:06 +0200
>> Subject: Re: real or fake skeletons (was re Tianyu Museum of Nature's "world 
>> record" dinosaur collection)
>> From: heinrich.mallison@googlemail.com
>> To: keenir@hotmail.com
>> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Anthony Docimo wrote:
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>> >> also, it is a cultural thing: the message is moire
>> >> important than 100% authenticity to most Chinese.
>> >>
>> >> No, I am German, but I was not that impolite.
>> >
>> > you were just now.
>> >
>> hu? get real
> you honestly can't see that?  that's sad.
>> when I am an invited guest in a Chinese museum, I will NOT talk down
>> to them and tell them that us Westerners think they do things badly.
>  saying "you have non-Tyrannosaur bones in that Tyrannosaurus" is saying that 
> Westerners think Chinese don't do things right?
>> What I did was - when asked - point out what we'd do different. But
>> unless one is a full professor, one should stay in one's place and
>> wait to be asked for opinions, and for help.
>  there's a saying in my country: if you're not going to help, shut your yap.