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RE: DML administrative message

> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:54:28 +0200
> From: heinrich.mallison@googlemail.com
> To: keenir@hotmail.com
> CC: mickeyprowe@gmail.com; dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: DML administrative message
> Dear Anthony,
> please re-read my messages, and get your facts straight.
oh, _now_ you want to talk on the DML itself.  curious.
> 1) "he was stating how China's fossils are all faunal (a mix of
> unrelated Classes)."
> false, I said many or most are fake, and of the rest many are mixes,
> but I never said all. Are you a liar or unable to read English?
 you gave one example, and strongly implied it was systematic throughout all of 
> 2) "aren't there DML rules against slandering entire countries? (the
> Chinese Government runs the museums, doesn't it?)"
> as I explained, the government runnign a museum does not mean that the
> people in charge are competent. 
with as often as the international community and foreign paleontologists are 
looking in, you really think the Chinese government would shoot itself in the 
> also, as explained above and in previous emails, Chinese and Western
> values differ. how can I be slandering a country when I obviously
> respected and respect its cultural identity?
 you essentially said that China/the Chinese don't care that they have fake 
fossils because they care about "the message" more than authenticity.  at the 
least, that is slander and insult upon all Chinese _paleontologists_.
> 3) you called me impolite without any reason. I expect another apology.
 And you said "I am German, but I am not impolite"...which impugns the other 
Germans in the DML.  myself included.
> 4) you make this a matter of the list, but you fail to quote our
> private messages.
 I did quote them.  every one.
> This is slander, because you imply insulting
> behaviour by me without bringing fact. 
rather like extrapolating from your personal experience with one fossil 
(Beiosaurus, was it?), to make sweeping claims about the state of paleontology 
across a nation as big as China.
> 5) you sent my second-to-last reply,
 at the time that I reported you, it was your last one.
> and omitted your own previous
> message.
 I save every post I make.  (if the Mods had asked to see them, I would have 
complied in full)
> This makes you a liar for sure. 
 I'm a liar because I'm not telepathically aware you posted?
> 6) you keep implying that Western museums do not label fake fossils as
> such. What is your agenda?
  When you were going on and on about how China is evil for not labelling which 
fossils are real and which are fake (epoxy, etc), I pointed out that, when I 
went to the Smithsonian, the large-print signs saying "this is a..." didn't say 
"this is a plastic Tyrannosaur".
> @Mickey and Mary, @list: sorry, I can't stand tought police, I can't
> stand muzzles, and I expect to be allowed to tell of my
> palaeo-experiences abroad truthfully and differenciated on the DML.
> And I especially can't stand liars who mis-represent private emails.
I was trying to have a public discussion.