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Faxinalipterus - Pterosauria from the Late Triassic of Southern Brazil

Bonaparte, J.F.; Schultz, C.L. & Soares, M.B. 2010 - Pterosauria from
the Late Triassic of Southern Brazil. Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences
A few postcranial remains of a Late Triassic pterosaur from the early
Coloradian Caturrita Formation of Rio Grande do Sul are communicated.
The general morphology of the coracoid, proximal portion of the
humerus, femur, tibia and fibula suggests that it is more primitive
than the pterosaurs from the Norian of northern Italy. The morphology
and proportions of the different bones support their assignment to a
primitive pterosaur. An almost complete maxilla with three teeth is
tentatively referred to the same taxon because it was collected at
some distance from the postcrania cited above.
This pterosaur is possibly older than other Triassic pterosaurs and
was recorded from a typical terrestrial environment. It suggests that
the earliest pterosaurs evolved in continental and littoral marine


Roberto Takata