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RE: Bones and Stomach acid

When finding teeth lacking enamel, it is important that exfoliation of the 
enamel due to freeze-thaw cycles (created while the bone was laying on the 
surface of the ground), be first ruled out.  Freeze-thaw cycles do an excellent 
job of removing tooth enamel from the dentine of a fossil, and many an 
exfoliated tooth has been mis-identified as a tooth that passed through a 
critter's digestive tract.


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Check out this citation for more info. It's a pretty cool paper.
Fisher, D.C. 1981. Crocodilian scatology, microvertebrate concentrations and 
enamel-less teeth. Paleobiology 7(2):262-275.
Sorry if someone else has already posted this. I get the mailing list as a 
digest once a day and am sometimes a bit behind the times. : )

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