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Leviathan => Livyatan

This arose on the DML a month or two ago, so here's an update.  The fossil 
whale genus _Leviathan_, which was found to be preoccupied by a genus of 
mastodon, has been re-named _Livyatan_.  

By coincidence, I came up with the same suggestion:


Here's the ref:


Lambert, O., G. Bianucci, K. Post, C. de Muizon, R. Salas-Gismondi, M. Urbina, 
and J. Reumer. (2010). Corrigendum: The giant bite of a new raptorial sperm 
whale from the Miocene epoch of Peru. Nature 466:105-108. 

"The genus name _Leviathan_, proposed in this Letter for a new fossil 
physeteroid from the Miocene of Peru, is preoccupied by _Leviathan_ Koch, 1841 
(ref. 1), a junior subjective synonym of _Mammut_ Blumenbach, 1799 (ref. 2).  
We propose here a replacement name _Livyatan_ gen. nov.  The type species is 
placed in this genus to form the binomial _Livyatan melvillei_.  The diagnosis 
and content of the new genus follow our Letter.  'Livyatan' is a Hebrew name 
applied to large marine monsters in popular and mythological stories.  We thank 
M. P. Taylor and D. Yanega for bringing this to our attention."