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Re: Eat New Papers Love

Jerald Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:

> ABSTRACT: A nearly complete right dentary originally noted
> by Mantell in 1848 is redescribed. The specimen, NHMUK
> 28660, was discovered in a quarry near Cuckfield, West
> Sussex, from the same formation as the original teeth of
> Iguanodon anglicus. Fresh examination reveals that NHMUK
> 28660 exhibits a single autapomorphy (a row of foramina
> extending from the ventral surface of the symphysis onto the
> lateral surface of the dentary) and a unique combination of
> characters that distinguish it from all other iguanodontian
> dentaries. In light of this and because I. anglicus is
> regarded as a nomen dubium to which additional material
> cannot be unambiguously referred, NHMUK 28660 is made the
> holotype of the new genus and species Kukufeldia
> tilgatensis.

Based on the phylogeny, this could be the first paper to formally recover 
_Muttaburrasaurus_ as a rhabdodontid....?  

Also, the same analysis splits up _Camptosaurus_.  _C. dispar_, the type 
species, comes up as sister taxon to Styracosterna.  _C. aphanoecetes_ is in a 
polytomy at the base of Styracosterna, close to two other erstwhile 
_Camptosaurus_ species (_Cumnoria_ and _Owenodon_).  _C. depressus is found to 
be a more derived taxon, close to _Cedrorestes_; and McDonald &c fail to find 
support for the previous referral of _depressus_ to _Planicoxa_, as _P. 
depressa_ (Carpenter and Wilson, 2008).