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Re: Double impact at K-T boundary ? (OT - reply to Cowen)

On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 16:19:14 -0700
Richard Cowen <cowen@blueoakfarm.com> wrote:

> If I am writing in English I shall naturally and reasonably apply  
> English usage. There are many languages that do not have articles,
> but that's their problem. And if I were to write in Ukrainian or
> Russian I would naturally use their correct constructions. So whether
> it's the Ukraine or the Urals, or even the Bungle-Bungles, I shall
> carefully and precisely, even proudly, do my duty and use English
> usage in English prose.
> Cheers
> Richard

But do we really need these articles?

Don't languages evolve through processes closer to mutation, drift and
adaptation? Instead of simply reflecting a single unchanging designed

Isn't attempting to preserve Standard English without variation
a little disconcertingly close to some other century theories *which
shall not be named* but have the same intent?

For the sake of balance & a little chaos,

-Jonas Weselake-George