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Re: Baldaur bondac, the double-bladed dromaeosaurid of Transylvania!

Balaur, eh?

A balaur is a multi-headed dragon in Romanian folklore. Fun to apply
it to a multi-sickled dromaeosaur.

Being a bit of a mythology buff finally pays off . . .

Boy, if this were to start a trend with European theropod names,
they'd have a lot of names to work with - the tarasque is already
covered, but pyrausta, kulcedra, bollar, (linn)orm, zirnitra, lamja,
zilant, knucker, zburator . . . mingle in some other prefixes and
suffixes, and you'd have theropod names to last well into the next
century. And come to think of it, I'm surprised there aren't any
pterosaurs named after the reasonably well-known wyvern (that I know
of, anyway).