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Re: Double impact at K-T boundary ? (OT - reply to Cowen)

A little flexibility is good. Indeed, by saying that the articles are
strictly unnecessary, it is you who is trying to arrive at a single
standard instead of permitting chaos. Right?

As for myself, "Ukraine" should be for the country as a recognized
political entity, and "the Ukraine" for that general region. This
preserves both usages and permits one to be distinguished from the
other. In this context, "the Ukraine" is just a term like "Central
Europe," only with a bit more in the way of specific cultural/ethnic

I'm glad the find wasn't made in the Sudetenland, because that's a
fair bit longer to type. ; )

(There should be a rule that place names incorporated into genus names
should be no more than two or three syllables . . .
Sudetenlandosaurus? Sudetendlandodon? Man, people would launch a
class-action lawsuit to make you compensate them for undue damage to
their keyboards. :p)