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Re: Baldaur bondac, the double-bladed dromaeosaurid of Transylvania!

 Today at 00:28 Central European summertime, Scott Hartman got truncated:

 Pelvis seems really squished.  The hand is awesome!  Also, while the
 foot is neat because of the enlarged trenchant first ungal, let's
 not overlook that metatarsal 1 has migrated distally and is allowing
 nearly full contact with the ground. It looks like what I'd expect as
 an intermediate grade between Falcarius and more derived
 therizinosaurs (note: I'm making no such phylogenetic claim, just
 getting excited about the convergence).

 Anyways, really neat, and if the pairing with Velociraptor holds
 then it looks like even after 100 million years or so of tridactylism
 it still wouldn't have been too difficult for theropods to reverse to
 4 (or nearly 4) functional toes for terrestrial locomotion.