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Dinosaurs – their KITH and kin: a historical perspective - An international Symposium

Via the British Society for the History of Science's website

Dinosaurs â their KITH and kin: a historical perspective - An
international Symposium

Following the successful meeting on âDinosaurs and other extinct
sauriansâ: a historical perspective â, held in 2008 at the Geological
Society, London, a follow-up symposium on

Dinosaurs â their KITH and kin: a historical perspective

will be held at the SociÃtà gÃologique de France, Paris, in May 2011.

Papers are invited on all aspects of the history of research on
dinosaurs (including birds) and extinct non-mammalian tetrapods.
Contributions dealing with the work of individual palaeontologists
(professional or amateur), institutions, collections, palaeontological
expeditions, fossil folklore and artistsâreconstructions are welcome.
Both posters and oral presentations will be accepted.

There will be an opportunity to publish papers issuing from this
meeting in a symposium volume (details to be provided later).

Field trips to palaeontological sites of historical importance will be
organised before and after the meeting (details to be provided later).
An exhibition of historically important fossil specimens will be
organised at the MusÃum National dâHistoire Naturelle during the

Those interested in attending the meeting are kindly requested to
return the form below by e-mail to Eric Buffetaut (eric [dot]
buffetaut [at] sfr [dot] fr), preferably before December 31st, 2010.

Eric BUFFETAUT (CNRS/Ecole Normale SupÃrieure, Paris, Franceâ; eric
[dot] buffetaut [at] sfr [dot] fr)
Richard MOODY (Kingston University, Kingston, UK; rtj.moody@virgin.net)
Nathalie BARDET (CNRS/MNHN, Paris, France; bardet@mnhn.fr)
Jean LE LOEUFF (MusÃe des Dinosaures, EspÃraza, Franceâ; jeanleloeuff@yahoo.fr)



ADDRESS (including e-mail)â:



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