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Help, a plateful of plagiarism

I've just been looking at Amazon Books for Xmas present ideas (for me), and this led me to come across something called Cynodonts... published by Books Llc ( http://www.amazon.de/Cynodonts-Eucynodontia-Oligokyphus-Tritylodontidae-Probelesodon/dp/1155343786/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1291226159&sr=8-1 ) . You even get an excerpt to whet your appetite for me. The writing style is pleasingly informal.

"Among the first and most basal of the eucynodonts was Cynognathus. This wolf-sized predator had a nearly worldwide distribution. About 90% of its lower jaw was accounted for by a single tooth-bearing bone called the dentary. Its teeth were differentiated, which enabled them to perform several functions, including tearing and chewing. A crocodile tears at its prey, but it can't chew. It's an effective hunter, but a wasteful and messy eater. The ear of Cynognathus contained a solitary small bone for hearing, (the stapes)."

It's also remarkably similar to my webpage content, and even more similar to the Wikipedia page which states it's largely derived from my page. They're even flinging in my jokes!

I don't know what kind of help I might be asking for, seeing as I'm presently too flabbergasted by what I've just seen.

Mesozoic eucynodonts, an internet directory