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Plesiosaur again in Montana


Hope you find this link works or that you get to it before it is invalid.

Marc Bauer



Hope this text works, which is the article in plain text.

Hunter redefines 'big game' with dinosaur
By KIM SKORNOGOSKI â Tribune Staff Writer â December 2, 2010

For several seasons, Dave Bradt and his brother have hiked and hunted in the 
Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, hoping to harvest an elk or two.

Bradt occasionally would stumble upon a fossilized snail or a piece of 
petrified wood. The discoveries fascinated him, but they also led to 
fantasizing â wouldn't it be neat to find a dinosaur fossil?
The Florence man did just that this fall, discovering a rare prehistoric sea 
creature called a plesiosaur.

*The print edition continued with the inland sea theory with the different 
formations in the Dakotas, Montana, & Wyoming.* MB

I found this attempt to get subscriptions annoying, but understandable, given 
the state of Gannett Corp and that the Great Falls Tribune is one of Gannett 
Corp's properties. Some of the recent quarterlies on this are not so different 
and just as discouraging as other regional newspapers.

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