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Re: Help, A plateful of plagerism

Rescued from truncation:


My boyfriend=2C Darren Tanke=2C had something similar happen years ago. He =
had put together a dinosaur guide=2C which a local guy=2C John Parsons=2C s=
tole and published for himself. It even had Darren's handwritten notes in t=
he margins! Darren ended up suing him in small claims court for theft of in=
tellectual property and won. Parsons had to turn over all of the books he h=
ad left and pay Darren any monies that he'd made on it. Every now and then =
a copy of the guide shows up on Ebay. Darren usually writes and complains a=
nd asks for it to be removed=2C but Ebay puts the onus on him to prove that=
 they're illegal copies - what a crock. Actually=2C it wouldn't surprise me=
 at all if some of the list members have illegal copies of Darren's guide a=
nd didn't realize it.
Anyway=2C I'd contact the publisher of the book first and complain. Maybe t=
hey can get the ball rolling.=20
Good luck!

Patty Ralrick
Drumheller=2C AB=2C Canada

"Talking isn't something you can do judiciously unless you keep in practice=
." - Mr. Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet) in "Maltese Falcon"