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Tooth shape to face shape correlation in carnivores?

Good afternoon list,
Am wondering if a study has ever been done on the relationship between
teeth and the shape of the mouths they inhabit.  I know generally
speaking there's a family correlation: if you find a tyrannosaur-like
tooth in isolation it's unlikely to belong to a light, delicate skull
etc but, more specifically than that:

are there any known cases where an elongated snout in one
species/genus and a blunter muzzle in another have near-identical

Are there other selection pressures on face shape besides diet?
Streamlining, perhaps?

Reason I ask is it would be very handy when attempting to draw species
known only from their dentition (though I appreciate that mating
display features are an unknown variable here, this is also true of
species known only from a full skeleton to some extent).