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Re: Help, A plateful of plagerism

On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 1:11 PM, K and T Dykes <ktdykes@arcor.de> wrote:
> For those who may wish to know, Wikipedia does now have a page on the
> Memphis-based "publisher" calling itself Books LLC. ÂThose checking Amazon
> for interesting sounding books this Christmas may do well to familiarize
> themselves with some background information on this company. ÂThey're bound
> to be compiling stuff on topics other than cynodonts.

My first contact with them concerned what purported to be a history of
the Khitan people (in actually, of course, a collection of WP pages).
Luckily the odd title (several WP page titles strung together, it
turns out) and the copypasta publisher's blurb quickly alerted me that
something was up.

Andreas Johansson

Why can't you be a non-conformist just like everybody else?