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Re: Help, A plateful of plagarism

<<That's a wonderful Wikipedia entry, but in all fairness I should point out that VDM Publishing offers similar "books" for which they charge about $44 through AMazon and others, so in comparison Books LLC may be a bargain in comparison.

Many thanks. I think I'll leave the addition of that information to somebody else, should they feel so moved.

A quick flick through the Amazon.de page for 'books llc dinosaurs' presently comes up with 264 tempting offers, with one managing a price of 84.99 euros. However, this 'Dinosaurs of North America...' weighs in with not far off 1,000 pages. And you can pick up the 20 page 'Songs written by Trey Gunn...' (including one called 'Dinosaur) for as little as 12.99.

I was cribbing from their FAQ page rather than this Amazon listing. It's remarkable how similar all the covers are in the photos. I suppose that must be what publishers term 'in-house design'.