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Re: Sinosauropteryx filament melanosomes challenged

As with the last paper I read* on the subject, I'm left thinking the
authors are trying to see too much in the rock grain/fractures and at
the limit of an image's resolution.

I'd like to call attention to figure 6 in the 2010 paper: I'm at a
loss of words at how such a low quality image was published. Given
Lingham-Soliar's decrying of the quality of Zhang et al.'s
microphotography one would think he would do otherwise.

I second Jaime's comment on there being a conspicuous lack of
comparison with the feather preservation in avian specimens from
Liaoning in these papers.

*Feduccia A, Lingham-Soliar T, Hinchliffe JR (2005) Do Feathered
Dinosaurs Exist? Testing the Hypothesis on Neontological and
Paleontological Evidence. J Morphol 266:125–166

Renato Santos