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Re: Sinosauropteryx filament melanosomes challenged

I think the word 'reptile' (or 'Reptilia', etc.) should just be dropped from 
any phylogenetic system; it just confuses the public to make Reptilia include 
birds. "Reptile" is a perfectly good word for "ectothermic amniote"; it doesn't 
need to be crammed into designating a clade, any more than 'fish' 
(="non-tetrapod vertebrates"?) does. Clades are not the only useful categories.

So (IMO) crocodiles should be 'reptiles'; dinosaurs should not. 

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Let me guess...they call us BADies? Is it alright if I call myself a WAASCORE? 
(Why are archosaurs still considered reptiles?!)
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> > They are also sometimes known as the BAND camp (flutes optional).
> In all fairness, Storrs "BAND leader" Olson invented this. At the SAPE*
> meeting in Beijing in 1996, he and some or all of the other BANDits ran
> around wearing buttons saying "Birds Are NOT Dinosaurs!".
> * Society for Avian Paleontology & Evolution.