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RE: Sinosauropteryx filament melanosomes challenged

Jaime Headden wrote-

> All seriousness aside, this line of papers remains -- as it has continued to 
> be -- the only legitimate investigate analysis the "BAND" camp and supporters 
> (of which TLS is a supporter) has yet to offer, and the massive focus on 
> *Sinosauropteryx* continues as it has since 1997 despite many other, better 
> examples of integument evolution in nonavian theropods (e.g., utterly no word 
> said of *Beipiaosaurus* aside from Xu et al. and this only in brief letters).

Now now Jaime, the ABSRDists have mentioned Beipiaosaurus (obliquely).  
Feduccia follows cutting edge analyses like Paul (1984) and Sereno (1992) by 
stating therizinosaurs are similar to prosauropods.  Why, their teeth aren't 
like birds at all and that "these so-called protofeathers have a widespread 
distribution in archosaurs is evidence alone that they have nothing to do with 
feathers." ;)

Feduccia, 2002. Birds are Dinosaurs: Simple Answer to a Complex Problem. The 
Auk. 119(4):1187–1201.

Mickey Mortimer