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Re: Sinosauropteryx filament melanosomes challenged

David Marjanovic wrote:

> Economics!?!
> What has Olson smoked, and can I get it legally in the Netherlands???

Just some idle speculation...
It can't be Jurassic Park: I'm not sure die-hard fans would appreciate
fluffy raptors (I would like that very much though).
Maybe it has something to do with updating each and every book that
mentions pertinent dinosaurs (especially in a pictorial manner).
Perhaps new series on dinosaurs would have to have a bigger budget to
render feathers.
Finally, he's probably alluding to the perceived tendency of research
being more proficuous on the subjects where various science-funding
institutions are willing to apply their money.

> My doctoral supervisor, Michel Laurin, is notorious for having banned the
> word "fish" (in several languages) from his own usage and that of anybody he
> can influence

I'll jump on that bandwagon :-D

Renato Santos