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RE: Sinosauropteryx filament melanosomes

> Sorry, but it seems like your argument is that more complexity = more
> human-like, and that therefore more human-like life is more complex,
> which is circular (and objections aside, is a version of the scala
> naturae).

No, I never said it had to be anthropomorphic, just that the brain that allows 
for such things is more complex than a grasshopper or a tree. There could be 
forms of life out there that are NOTHING like us and far more complex. 

> Except that no such civilization is known to exist and there's no
> compelling evidence that it ever will. On the other hand, there is
> evidence to suggest that bacteria can be ejected from the earth by
> impact events and lie dormant in space for a long time, potentially
> seeding other planets. It's possible that single-celled life from
> Earth has already accomplished this, no "complexity" required

There is no evidence that bacteria have survived trips of trillions of miles 
through interstellar space. There is also no evidence that bacteria has 
survived trip from Mars to Earth (or the other way round) beyond finding rocks 
from Mars on the earth. The only thing they have found are amino acids. If we 
found ET microbial life in a space rock, we would now it, since it would be the 
greatest discovery of the 21 century, if not human history. 

However, we do have evidence that rockets exist...

Sim Koning