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Paleoartist Dinner Followup: Las Velas Fire

Greetings all,

First, my thanks once again to everyone that came to the first of what I hope 
will be an annual series of SVP Paleoartist Dinners (currently working on 
Vegas).  I am writing, however, with some unfortunate news.  The restaurant 
that graciously hosted us has suffered a bad fire: 
http://thatschurch.com/2010/12/08/why-i-cried/.  Ginny and David Montanez, the 
owners, supplied the venue at a substantially reduced cost because they (Ginny 
especially) are greatly enthusiastic about paleontology and the history of 
vertebrate paleontology in Pittsburgh, especially.  Given their hospitality, I 
thought some of those that attended the dinner event might be interested in 
sending some sort of warm wishes or condolences to ease Ginny and David's 
spirits (so far as I am aware, no one was physically harmed in the fire).

There is contact information for Ginny on her blog, which is the source for the 
URL above about the fire.  If you want more information, contact me directly.  
Since this is not Dinosauria related in the strict sense, it probably should 
not be an on-list discussion.  Those artists that indicated interest in the 
paleo-room at Children's Hospital will be receiving additional information from 
me after the Holidays.

Thanks again everyone,

--Mike Habib

Michael Habib
Assistant Professor of Biology
Chatham University
Woodland Road, Pittsburgh PA  15232
Buhl Hall, Room 226A
(443) 280-0181