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Re: More pterosaur stuff (Kunpengopterus)

Jaime Headden <qi_leong@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Wait, no comment from the masses (save me) about the grammar in the name 
> construction in *Wukongopteridae*? Same on you,
> guys, and on you David, since you're usually the first to pounce on this sort 
> of thing. Shame.

Wukongopteridae is fine, surely, because it's formed from _-pterus_
not _-pteryx_.  So it's not the same thing as forming Caudipteridae
from _Caudipteryx_, which is certainly incorrect.

If you want bad (really bad) names, then look at Jibeiniaithidae and
Jibeiniaithiformes, which appeared in a recent review of the Jehol
biota (Zhou and Wang 2010; Sci. China Earth Sci. 53: 1894–1907).  How
anybody arrived at these names from _Jibeinia_ I'll never know.