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Re: Smith et al.'s (2007) Cryolophosaurus analysis is untrustworthy due to a lack of coding

 Er... great! We might want to adjust the language though, which is
 fun for an editorial or blog post, but not so great for a
 professional paper. ;)

That goes without saying. :-)

 Also turns out the narrow prespinal fossa might have been taken from
 Tykoski's (2005) matrix, though he only used Sereno and Arcucci's
 (1994) paper to code Marasuchus from, which does not describe or
 illustrate that character...

That happens on occasion.

 Thanks for the attempted cite!

I did manage to cite you in an earlier paper, IIRC.

Doesn't help you much, though, because the DML archives lack an impact factor.

 There are six outgroups (Marasuchus, Silesaurus, Herrerasaurus,
 Saturnalia, Plateosaurus and Eoraptor) and multiple states to the
 sacral number character. Thus the character wouldn't be useless, as
 there are multiple taxa coded as having 3 sacrals, 4-5 sacrals,

Ah, good.

 Well, the extreme condition in Marasuchus is autapomorphic, but the
 generally broad blade is plesiomorphic and found in plenty of other
 included taxa.

I see.