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Re: Geographic Distribution of Deinonychosauria

Rescued from truncation:

 I posted some time ago about working on project, designated *The
 Geographic distribution of Maniraptora*. I received many helpful
 replies from several members, for which I am very appreciative. Now I
 am back, and I have a few questions.

 The study will look at the geographic distribution of
 deinonychosauria (for now, it will expand later to Maniraptora) at
 the stage level. I am in need of a good analogue for this group, and
 someone suggested the following paper; *The late Miocene radiation of
 modern Felidae: a genetic assessment*.

 My question is, are the Felidae a good analogue to my study group,
 or is there a better option? I am open to any and all suggestions.


 Lonnie A. Matson

Well, there is no good analogue. Perhaps try to use several.

But in any case, the Mesozoic terrestrial fossil record simply isn't detailed enough for what you want to do with it. For many stages there's only one or two sites in the world.