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Re: SV: Why Did Mammals Survive the 'K/T Extinction'?

David Marjanovic a écrit :
 early penguins apparently survived, penguins now being known from the
 Maastrichtian of Chatham Island

I heard about this years ago, but I didn't notice when it was published. Has it been? :-9
It seems it hadn't. In his Paleogene Fossil Birds, Gerald Mayr (2009) mentioned undescribed "sphenisciform-like" (and later: "stem group Sphenisciformes") remains from the Maastrichtian of New Zeland citing Hansford (2008)'s paper: "Dino-era seabird fossils found in New Zealand", readable on the NGS website here => http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/02/080222-seabird-fossils.html