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Mark Goodwin podcast interview

Just letting everyone know that Dr. Mark Goodwin did an interview with avian 
neuroscientist (and overall science promotor) Dr. Kirsten "Kiki" Sanford, for 
the podcast: Dr. Kiki's science hour.

It is available to listen for free at: 


Not much is mentioned, that hasn't already been talked about on the respective 
lists, but Dr. Goodwin does talk about the pachycephalosaur / ceratopsian 
ontogeny thing, and how it affects our view of dinosaur diversity during their 
twilight years. He also hints at some interesting data regarding oxygen 
isotopes in bone, and how sure we are that they were laid down during life. 

Overall a pretty cool interview (especially if there are any Tech TV fans in 
the audience). The audio cuts out now and again, but that is probably the 
result of the mix. I expect it will get fixed eventually.