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Why did *birds* survive K/T?

In line with the recent work on dinosaur respiration, it occurred to me that 
one reason why dinosaurs in general suffered so badly in the K/T event might 
have something to do with the reason why birds now are so sensitive to 
particulates in air (canaries in coalmines); because they shared an efficient 
one-way respiration system that extracted the most oxygen it could, but thereby 
made them equally vulnerable to pollutants. That raises the issue of why birds 
themselves would survive an atmosphere rich in toxic gases and particulates 
after the bolide hit. Can anyone help me here? Could it have something to do 
with bird distribution (say, being in the Gondwana region as far from the 
impact site as possible)?
John Wilkins
"Were all men philosophers, the business of life could not be executed, and
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