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Re: The First Animals

I'm guessing the ediacaran biota won't be covered much, and the show will focus 
on the Cambrian Explosion.
While the Cambrian explosion is interesting, I think its clear now that 
"animals" existed before it, and thus the Cambrian didn't have the "First 

It would be understandable, there isn't much to look at from the ediacaran - 
some circular things, some blobs, some disks, something that looked like a fern 
on the sea bottom (they might give Charnia a mention), and then that sort of 
trilobite/bug looking thing Spriggina may also get a mention.
-- Then its probably on to oddities like Anomolocaris, and some putative early 

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> Subject: The First Animals
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> I don't know if this is the series
> that was discussed recently on the list.
> Probably not, but still of interest.  
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/comingup/the-first-animals/