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Re: 3-D rendering of Anchiornis colors

 Atleast they've got feathers, but it doesn't look at all lifelike.
 It's outright hard to see with so much black against black.  And if
 it wasn't in the bird lineage, wouldn't it have had arms and claws
 instead of fully developed wings?

What do you mean by "instead"? Next time a chicken or turkey lands on your dinner table, look for the claws on its thumbs and/or index fingers. Not very large, but still present.

A full array of wing feathers is preserved in *Anchiornis*. It had fully developed wings, despite its unreduced fingers, just like *Microraptor*, *Archaeopteryx*, and *Confuciusornis* (...which added a bit of weirdness to its fingers, but not much).