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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Flugsaurier 2010 - second circular


Typically, the one time I do something quickly and efficiently is a time when 
my normal sluggishness would have been useful. The second Flugsaurier 2010 
circular brought to the attention of the DML this morning is NOT THE FINAL 
VERSION: it was released somewhat prematurely and some tweaks have to be made. 
Dave Hone has passed on apologies from the meeting organisers and I've have 
been assured that these changes are only minor - don't cancel your flights just 
yet. A revised version of the circular is expected to be released within the 
next 24 hours: the details at Pterosaur.Net will be modified accordingly as 
soon as we know more.


>>> "Mark Witton" <Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk> 08/02/2010 11:01 >>>

The second Flugsaurier 2010 circular has just come out of the oven and Dave 
Hone has asked that details be passed on to DML members. Rather than sending an 
attachment to everyone on the DML, however, we're sending interested parties to 
the Pterosaur.Net blog where full details can be found:


Crucial updates on the first circular are cost detailing: $450 gets you into 
the conference, a bed to sleep in, food to eat and on the field trips. After 
April 15th, though, this is bumped up to $500. Further details, of course, are 
found with the above link. 



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