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RE: 3-D rendering of Anchiornis colors


The Eurasian Hoopoe looks JUST like our Anchiornis :)
(Not sure if this was mentioned before) I'm going to read up on this
bird's behavior.

Ashley Fragomeni
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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Subject: Re: 3-D rendering of Anchiornis colors

>  Atleast they've got feathers, but it doesn't look at all lifelike.
>  It's outright hard to see with so much black against black.  And if
>  it wasn't in the bird lineage, wouldn't it have had arms and claws
>  instead of fully developed wings?

What do you mean by "instead"? Next time a chicken or turkey lands on 
your dinner table, look for the claws on its thumbs and/or index 
fingers. Not very large, but still present.

A full array of wing feathers is preserved in *Anchiornis*. It had fully

developed wings, despite its unreduced fingers, just like *Microraptor*,

*Archaeopteryx*, and *Confuciusornis* (...which added a bit of weirdness

to its fingers, but not much).