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Dinosaur sex

/Coming on Valentine's Day ...........
"This Valentine’s Day, February 14^th at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel, Locomotive Entertainment Group will premiere /Tyrannosaurus Sex/. The one-hour special explores the mysteries, wonders and newest evidence surrounding ritual courtship and mating habits of dinosaurs. How did a ferocious T-Rex woo his lady? How did a female Titanosaur support the weight of a male who was as long as a four-story building is high? How did a Stegosaurus couple negotiate sex with all those deadly plates and spikes?"

Are you wary? Does the threat of yet another round of "ground breaking CGI" make your hair stand up? No fear, for the people who bring us this scientific spectacular, The Locomotive Entertainment Group "...was founded in 2009 by entertainment industry veterans Gabriel Gornell and Colleen Seldin. The company develops and produces films, television programming and live television events in a multitude of genres with a slate for the first half of 2010 that will include /Tyrannosaurus Sex/ for Discovery Channel this month and /Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years – //a musical tribute special shooting this April that will feature Kenny Rogers. Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, Allison Krauss, Wynonna, and many more. /Locomotive Entertainment Group is also a worldwide distributor of award winning films and television." http://tvbythenumbers.com/2010/02/09/tyrannosaurus-sex-yes-sex-premieres-on-discovery-february-14-at-10p/41494

You have been warned. I will either be watching a rerun of "The Breed" a very cheap scifi channel rip off of the 1950s classic "Attack of the Killer Shrews" or maybe eat a gun, either of which will do less brain damage than this upcoming one hour science spectacular.