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New Discovery Channel shows forthcoming on Sunday Feb. 21


I just got the word that a series of Discovery Channel shows (for the most
part filmed a year and a half ago!) will finally be airing on Sunday Feb.
21. The series--originially going to be called "Before It Was America"--is
now called Prehistoric. Each episode focuses on the
paleontological/geological history of some major US metropolitan region
(although there was interest in expanding internationally).

Prehistoric New York aired six months ago, and has been seen since.

The new episodes are:
Prehistoric: Dallas @ 8 PM 
Prehistoric: DC @ 9 PM 
Prehistoric: Los Angeles @ 10 PM 

I was involved with Prehistoric: DC, which includes some discussion of the
Arundel fauna, the local dinosaur tracks, the Newark Supergroup, the Calvert
Cliffs, and others. (For some odd reason, they asked me to talk about the
Late Jurassic, too. Last word was that they kept my explanation that no Late
Jurassic dinosaurs are found in the region, but any faunal elements shared
between the Morrison and Portugal would have certainly been here. No word if
they kept my lame-ass Congress joke...).

I know that a number of the rest of you were involved with other episodes in
this series, so here's hoping that some science made it through!

Take care,

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