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Re: Climate change vs BANDits

 I don't think the science of man made global warming is as settled as
 birds are dinosaurs.

You can't think about stuff you don't know. You should go out less and read more. :-)

 Too many ex vice presidents and environmental loonies involved for a


What do I care whether Al Gore is fat.

I'm not aware of a country other than the US of A where manmade global warming is a political issue. Elsewhere, it's a _scientific_ issue. As in "peer-reviewed primary literature".

 Then there are so called scientists refusing to publish their data
 and refusing to comply with freedom of information requests.

Climategategate: the scandal of quote-mining an enormous number of purloined e-mails and not even understanding what the quote-mined snippets mean.

For instance, the alleged refusal to publish data is a misunderstanding of the following two facts: 1) the scientist in question doesn't own the data and therefore doesn't have the right to publish them -- addressing such requests to him is simply a mistake; and 2) the data are already in the public domain. Just download them. There are four independent series of measurements in the public domain, and all show warming, warming, warming, warming.

All this is documented in detail. For most of December and January, there were several posts on it on http://scienceblogs.com per week, and they all got a lot of traffic.

 Not to mention the coldest winter for decades.

This decade is the warmest on record.

I repeat: this decade is the warmest on record.

More required reading: http://realclimate.org, http://scienceblogs.com/deltoid, and first of all http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7092614.stm -- the latter explains how science itself is biased against "climate skeptics".